Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Different Sort of Book

Hope for the Flowers
Trina Paulus

Man, this book was one hard book to find.

I remember when I was shopping for random stuff at a bookstore last year, I came across a book which I don't remember anything about except for the line "except those who have given up completely".

The line stuck with me well, maybe because that time, I believed I have given up completely.

Then, as 2012 started, I browsed through You, Me and Charlie and saw a review for this book and was like, "I know this."

I wasted no time, since that was my promise for 2012. And finally, bookstore after bookstore, I was able to find this one stacked under loads book inside a highly disorganized bookstore and a (mind you) high end mall somewhere in Eastwood.

Then, since I was so unfortunate at work that I didn't have work packages, I found time to read it in one sitting and yeah, the magic happened.
"To get to the top, he must fly not climb."
This is a story of two caterpillars learning the meaning beyond their metamorphosis.The story taught me so much about the importance of dreams and the process of achieving it; of what's really important, of what really matters.

It's a simple story yet, the simplest stories touch your life the most. It's a story of two caterpillars yet, one of them could be you.


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