Sunday, May 20, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Finale: Jessica vs Phillip

Two different people, two different music styles - one dream.

American Idol Season 11 had seen such great talents. It might as well be dubbed as the most competitive batch ever but as they say it, no matter who have come and gone, the finale boils down to two.

Left: Phillip Phillips; Right: Jessica Sanchez
It's guitar-playing, Savannah, Georgia-native Phillip Phillips versus the 16-year-old, Chula Vista, California-born Jessica Sanchez.

Everyone had seen great performances from both contestants, making them the two most loved finalists of the season.

Who will ever forget Jessica Sanchez' "I Will Always Love You"?

Or Phillip Phillips rendition of "U Got It Bad"?

Many have questioned the show's credibility when Joshua Ledet - the contestant that has the most number of standing O's from the judges - bid goodbye to his American Idol dream to make way for the Jessica-Phillip finale.

For the past four seasons of American Idol, the world has witnessed how guys dominated the show. Lee DeWyze, David Cook, Kris Allen and reigning American Idol Scotty McCreery have proven that white guys who play guitars are most likely to win the critically-acclaimed show.

Given the four-season pattern, it looks like Phillip Phillips is a shoo-in.
But it has been a popular knowledge that the girls who won the title seasons ago, are the more successful ones in the business even years after they've dominated the Idol stage. Kelly Clarkson - two-time Grammy Award winner and reknowned performer - and Carrie Underwood - two-time ACM Entertainer of the Year and multi-platinum selling artist - prove just how the Idol ladies come farther in their careers after winning the competition.

This fact makes the spectators wish for a female winner this year.

It could be Phillip, whose charm just might capture hearts or it could be Jessica, whose raw talent might move America.

Both contestants have solid fan bases, which was proven when they came back to their hometowns on the Top 3 round of the competition. Their Twitter accounts have almost the same number of followers, with Sanchez leading by approximately 50,000 followers.

Follow the contestants on Twitter:

When you cast your votes, make sure to vote for the best.

The next big thing in the music industry has their future in your hands.

Jessica Sanchez


Dance With My Father
Sweet Dreams

Phillip Phillips

Midnight Hour


Fat Bottomed Girls


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